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In 1998 the Sophie Mallebranche Company was founded, introducing her collection of extraordinary hand-woven textiles into the world of interior design. Used as glass partitions, window treatment and wall covering, among other applications, these materials enabled Sophie to realize her goal of using textiles to revolutionize the roles of light and color in interior space.

Glass Partitions

Glass lamination highlights the transparency, precision and luminosity of Sophie Mallebranche® Woven Metal Interiors.

Clean-cut, translucent panes (low iron, extra clear) seal and enclose the metal weave, adding an impeccable, classic finish to the decorative material. When applied to both sides, the glass panes allow for the material’s inherent transparency to emerge, creating a panel whose brilliance and depth changes with the lighting.

Alternatively, treated surfaces such as mirrored or sandblasted panes can be placed behind the material, offering an opaque panel ideal for wall and elevator applications.

Window Treatments

Sophie Mallebranche’s unique panels combine the artistry of luminous metal weaves with the functionality of a sliding panel system, revolutionizing the role of light and color in interior space.

Manufactured with the highest quality of silver-coated enameled coppers on a stainless steel micro-cable warp, our weaves capture the immaterial qualities of light and render them tangible in an extraordinary material. Developed specifically for our atelier, the wires composing each weave are designed to maximize luminosity, yielding the purest and most vivid colors.

Suitable for interior window treatments or space dividers, each Sophie Mallebranche® sliding or fixed panel is made to order in a wide range of woven metal materials from our engineered collections.

Lateral sides of panels are finished with either reinforced edges, for a clean, minimalistic look, or a satin, grosgrain, or leather trim, and a discreet bottom sheath with anchor bar allows for proper hanging.

Top of panels can be prepared with a sheath to accommodate a rod, or with a track system. Drawing rod or motor optional.

Wall Covering

Prepared with a permanent thermo-adhesive polyester backing for wall covering application, Sophie Mallebranche panels offer a sleek, contemporary alternative to elevator cab interiors.

After the production of the new models comes another challenge: how to apply the material as wall covering. Now one of our most popular applications, the installation techniques for wall covering were enhanced and refined during the development of this project.

Installation of these panels is facilitated by a permanent thermo-adhesive polyester backing applied to the material. Ensuring proper alignment and implementation of the panels, this innovative fire-retardant backing greatly enhanced the material’s properties, opening the doors to a vast range of possibilities in interior design.

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